Top 5 share market website to learn Investing


Hello Investors, welcome to our website. Today we are going to know about the share market website. If you are new in the share market and want to earn huge money? And don’t know where to start? You are at the right place. I make it clear to you. Without having proper knowledge, you can not earn money from the share market. But the main problem for beginners is where to learn the share market? In this article, we will be going to know the top 5 share market websites to learn investing.

1. Money Control

Money control is the most used website among investors and stock traders. Because you can find all sorts of data on a single website, like the stock market, mutual funds, equities, commodities, charts, trends, and market news. Also, you can make your portfolio on moneycontrol and keep track of it. The biggest thing is that it is all for free, you don’t have to pay a single rupee for any feature. Also, you can use the moneycontrol app on your smartphone. One of the key points is it is updating every second. In last, I’ll say it is super addictive.

share market website is one of the famously used websites among investors. It is best for fundamental analysis. The best part is you can track all stock markets over the world. There are so many indicators and studies that are widely used. Some of the intraday traders say sometimes it updates late, but I never feel that way. The investing website is the best site to follow the securities exchange.

3. The Economic times

share market website
If you want to know about finance news, this website is a must to follow. Economic Times is probably the best website that regularly updates the latest news about market and finance. In terms of features, it is very similar to moneycontrol. It provides stock charts, watchlist, portfolio, etc. The best thing I like about economic time is regular business updates. Every minute they are working to serve the investors.

4. Screener

share market website
The screener is one of my favorite websites to research about any stock. It is the best research tool for any investor in India. This website mainly performs the fundamental analysis of a company like reading its financial statements, ratios, etc. It is free to use and save a lot of time to read financials. The best thing about the screener is it gives the pros and cons of stock.


It is one of the most used website by the investors to track stocks. I also use this website and recommend you all learn the NSE website. Surely it will help you with your investing. NseIndia is a very big website with lots of data. As a beginner, it may be trouble while using. Gradually, you will learn when used to it.

please let me know in the comment which share market website is best, it helps to others who are learning share market.
Have a happy Investing. Good luck!

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