Top 5 Indicators for Intraday Trading in the share market


Hello Investors, welcome to our website. I hope you are making consistent profit in the share market. If not, why worry? We are here for you. Today we are going to know about the top 5 indicators for intraday which help you in taking trade. Indicators are very important, whether a trader is a beginner or an experienced. As its name suggests indicate. It helps you to be sure about your trade for maximum returns. As a trader, it is always to follow a trend and predict the market movement. Sometimes, It is crucial to understand the market movement.
Then Indicators come. Indicators are the tools that are used with the combination of trading strategies. It helps you to predict the movement of the market. Indicators provide useful information on market trends.
There are many indicators which help you in prediction. But using many may confuse. This post helps you to understand the indicators. And using the correct indicators for the correct call.
Also, I make it clear it is not right all the time. But yes 60 to 70 percent, it helps you find the trend and correct time to trade. So, not taking your more time and lets know about the top 5 indicators for intraday trading.

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1.Moving Average (M.A)

Top 5 Indicators for Intraday Trading

It is the most used indicator among traders. Ma is a line that is made by joining several common averages like, a 10-day moving average means the normal average of the last 10 trading days from the date on which the moving average is being calculated.
When the market is bullish then the long term average is less and it is bearish if the short term average is less.
It helps you to find the trend and reversal.

2.Relative Strength Index(RSI)

Top 5 Indicators for Intraday Trading

It is one of the favorites indicators of traders to find the overbought or oversold value of a stock. It is a momentum indicator. RSI can be set for different time frames that can hold a value between 0 to 100. If RSI is more than 70, it means it is overbought now stock is good for selling. If RSI is less than 30, it means it is oversold and good for buying.
It helps you to find the trend reversal. We will know them in upcoming articles.


Top 5 Indicators for Intraday Trading

SuperTrend is a very simple indicator that gives a clear signal to buy or sell in the market. When SuperTrend closes above the closing price, it is a buy signal. And the sell signal comes if the SuperTrend closes below the closing price.

4.Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD)

It is the most reliable indicator of intraday trading. It gives information about momentum, trend direction, and duration. As its name suggests, MACD works on the convergence and divergence of two moving average.
it gives you buy or sell signals.

5.Williams %R

Williams %R, also known as the Williams Percent Range, is a type of momentum indicator that moves between 0 and 100 and measures overbought and oversold levels. A reading above -20 is overbought and below -80 it is oversold.

I hope these top 5 indicators for intraday will help you to take a correct call, good luck and happy investing.

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