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You are in the about page, means you curious to know who i am or who is posting the articles here. Also It is as important as knowing your tuition teacher before going to tuition classes.

Hello, I am Shivnath Sahu. I am web developer by proffession. I have completed Bachelor’s of Computer Application in 2019. After that i was planning to do MCA.

But life is uncertain anyting can be happen anytime. That moment shooting star comes.One day, I am at my friend house who is trading in the stock market from the last 3 years. Earlier I used to think what the hell he was doing on the screen every time.

Every day watching same types of charts. For me it was boring at that time. After asking to my friend, he told me using this chart i predict the price movement. I want to know more so he gave his phone to me and said take a trade.

That day I did my first trade in Tata motors from my friend trading account. And we booked the profit, yes here was my friend analysis. But from that day i am desperate to learn share market. Yes i used desperate.  I could not sleep at night always thinking about stocks.

Now the hammer story comes, I have planned to do regular masters degree. But I have to convince my parents for dropping MCA this year for trading. It was a different story how i convinced my parents. But I am thankful to my parents that they beleived in me and understand me.

From that day to till date i am learning everyday new things in the share market. Earlier I watched many youtube vidoes. I learned from very good traders , their live trading, their technical analysis. I read many books one of my favourite and what i recommend to every one is rich dad poor dad, trading in the zone, think and grow rich any more. I am happy that i haven’t paid any money to learn trading. There are many good  websites, resources , youtubers by which you can learn for free.

In starting months i lost a lot of money but gradually learning from losses ,Now i am able to earn good amount of money and on the way to become a millionaire. If you have anything to say, feel free to contact . Happy trading , safe investing and keep learning.