5 Best youtube channels in India to learn price action trading.

learn price action trading

Hello traders, welcome to the stocklearning.

Today we are going to know about 5 best youtube channels in India to learn price action trading.. I make it clear firstly this is my own choice. Everyone can have different perceptions and you can give different rankings to these YouTubers. There are many good YouTubers out there on youtube. They are trying their level best to teach all about the stock market. But today we are only talking about price action traders. What is price action? Let’s make is simple,

It is the most reliable strategy to make money in the stock market.

You can check this link to learn more about price action.

Again I am telling this list is my personal choice, not on the basis of subscribers and their profits. If you feel your favorite channel is missing in the price action trading list. Please do comment so that many traders know about them and learn from them.

Here is Our Prepared list. 

learn price action trading
  1. VP financials

Vp financials is the best youtube channel for price action trading. You can learn trading by seeing a naked chart only. I haven’t seen Vp financials to use any of the indicators. Also, he has a separate playlist of his losses “ learn from my mistakes”. That makes him the best trader and YouTuber.

  1. Shivansh Bhasin

Shivansh Bhasin is one of the growing and recommended channels on youtube. He used to draw patterns on the chart and make trading very easy. You can learn many things about investment and the best stock opportunities. He has uploaded more than 400+ videos on youtube.

  1. The madras trader

The madras trader is one of the fastest-growing youtube channels. He has only uploaded 36 videos now and he has more than 163k subs. You can assume what killer content he is delivering to all. You can learn price action trading, swing trading, and positional trading.

  1. Chart analysis

Chart analysis is one of the popular youtube channels and one of my favorite channels on youtube. He is a pure price action trader. You can learn all about trading on his channel. He has uploaded more than 230+ videos on his channel.

    5. Power of stock

         Power of stocks is one of the best channels on youtube. He has uploaded more than 500+ videos on his channel. You can learn many things from his channels. He is the only trader on youtube who has daily P&L in lakhs. You can take good knowledge of stock trading from his channel.

There are many good YouTubers I missed, who are doing their best to teach trading. Please do comment their name on the comment section and tell your favorite Youtuber. 

you can click to the below link to know more about stock charts


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